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G-12 PRIME SOURCE INC is engaged in the supply, warehousing and manufacturing of trade consumables such as packing materials and embossed carrier tapes. We provide goods and services that are fast, innovative and top quality with the use of value creating services and technology.

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Embossed Carrier Tape

Cover Tape HSA

Plastic Reel

Plastic Sheet

Cleanroom Facemask

Disposable Medical Active Carbon Facemask

Disposable Paper Mask

Cleanroom Wipers

Nonwoven Wiper-M3 Type

Polyester Wipes

Non woven Fabric Spunlace Cleaning Wipes

Nonwoven Disposable Shoe cover

Disposable Plastic CPE Shoe cover non slip

Cleanroom Printing Paper

Cleanroom Stationary Notebook

PU Coated Nylon Gloves

13G PU Fingertip and Palm Coated Nylon Gloves

Antistatic Cleanroom PU Coating Gloves

Antistatic Cleanroom Stripe Gloves

ESD PVC Slippers

ESD SPU Slippers

Cleanroom Working Non Hole Shoes

Antistatic Five Hole Shoes

Antistatic Four hole Shoes

Antistatic Mesh Shoes

Antistatic PVS Slippers

ESD Working Boots

PVC Sole High Antistatic Boot Cover

Antistatic Shielding Bag with zipper

ESD Aluminum Shielding Bag

Antistatic Gown

Antistatic Overall Jumpsuit Clothes

Sticky Mat


Resuable Washable Cleanroom Silicon Sticky Mat

Vinly Cleanroom Adhesive Sticky Mat Frame

Antistatic Grounding Line

Antistatic Wire Wrist Band

Antistatic Wireless Wristband

Metal Wrist Strap

Antistatic Cleanroom Stripe Gloves

Antistatic Metal Wireless Wrist Band

Tackiness PP Sticky Roller

Sticky Roller Handle

Sticky Roller

Sticky Pad for Silicone Roller Use

Sticky Pen

Disposable Bouffant Cap

Working Hat ESD Cap

Cleanroom Swab

Cleaning Roll Wiper

Antistatic Heel Grounder

ESD Lint Free Sleeve

G-12 Packaging Tape Low Noise Super Clear

G-12 Aluminum Tape

G-12 PVC Eletrical Tape

G-12 Masking Tape

G-12 Kapton Tape

G-12 Glass Fiber Tape

G-12 ESD Landmarking Tape

G-12 Packaging Tape Clear Tan

G-12 Double Side Tape

White Cotton Gloves

Powdered Free Nitrile Gloves

Powdered Free Latex Gloves

Nylon PU Top Fit Gloves

Natural White Knitted Gloves 750gram Red Edge

Natural White Knitted Gloves 500gram Yellow Edge

Knitted Gloves with PVC Dots

Heat Resistance Gloves

Colored Knitted Gloves 750grams

Chemical Resitance Gloves

Ear Plug Ultrafit

Ear Plug Foam type